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    Missing Teeth Solution

     Personal appearance is linked very strongly to self-confidence, and one of the specific aspects of personal appearance that has the biggest impact on self-confidence is the smile. Many people are very concerned with their smiles and the way that their smiles appear to other people. Smiling is one of the most fundamentals tools that human beings have to express happiness. Smiles can transcend language barriers to convey human emotion, and for this reason they are tremendously important to social interaction.

    Furthermore, in many cultures, smiling is an important custom that is replicated dozens or even hundreds of times a day and failing to smile at someone in certain situations can be perceived as rude or even hostile.

    One of the primary impediments to a robust smile is a lack of teeth. Some people are frustrated by their lack of teeth and find it more difficult to smile without the teeth that they once had. The psychological toll of missing teeth can be enormous for the aforementioned. Missing teeth, therefore, can represent a problem that is far more than simply cosmetic.

    Thankfully, however, we at Shalom Dental NY can offer a number of missing teeth solutions that can address this problem and pace the way to happiness and psychological wellness. Since there are so many different missing teeth solutions, it is very important for people who are considering replacing their missing teeth to understand these different options in order to make an informed and appropriate dental decision.

    One solution for people who are missing teeth to consider is to receive dental implants. Dental implants are typically surgically implanted into the jawbone by a dental surgeon. Implants are often chosen as a solution because they are most functionally similar to natural teeth, they are long lasting, and they don’t involve neighboring teeth.

    Another solution to replace missing teeth is to obtain a device called a bridge. A bridge is a prosthetic tooth or set of teeth that is chemically affixed to neighboring teeth. Bridges are often chosen because they do not require invasive surgery.

    Still another solution to replace missing teeth is a denture device. A denture is a molded replica of teeth that fits into the mouth but is not fixed in place. Dentures are often chosen because they are relatively inexpensive.

    Another important consideration when deciding upon the most appropriate solution to replacing missing teeth is how many teeth need to be replaced. The amount of teeth that need to be replaced and their locations within the mouth and along the jawbone are important factors when deciding upon an appropriate course of action when replacing missing teeth.

    Regardless of which option you eventually choose, rest assured that there are a number of options available to replace missing teeth. These missing teeth solutions that are offered at Shalom Dental NY are designed to cater to different personal tastes, different lifestyles, and different price ranges! Our specialists are trained to consult with you and discuss the benefits and the drawbacks of each of these respective solutions and help you find the best possible solution!

    Missing Teeth Solutions

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