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     Parents have a lot to worry about as their children grow up. As children get older, parents do the best that they can to ensure that their children are happy and healthy. In order to guarantee that their children are both happy and healthy, one of the most important things that a parent can do is seek out the best healthcare possible for their child. A huge part of that process should include locating dental health professionals who share in the parents’ deep and abiding concern for their kids’ health.

    Here at Shalom Dental NY Manhattan, we care about your kids as much as you do and have the kids doctors to ensure that your kids are prepared for an entire lifetime of immaculate dental hygiene. It is so tremendously important to start children on a track of appropriate health and to teach them the basics of dental hygiene at a young age. Our pediatric doctors are specifically trained to impart their own expertise to children and to coach them in proper dental self-care practices.

    There are a number of components to pediatric dentistry that are crucially important to providing children with the best possible treatment. Our pediatric dentists are trained to supervise the comprehensive dental and oral health of your children as they mature.

    Childhood is an incredibly dynamic period in the dental development of a human being. Our pediatric specialists ensure that each major phase of dental development occurs in a healthy manner for their patients. When their patients are infants, they make sure that their baby teeth grow in properly so that they can enjoy a pain-free introduction to the world of teething and eating. Young children are far more susceptible to serious infections than adults, so it is incredibly important to the general health and well-being of a child to have a caring and responsive pediatric dentist.

    It is incredibly important to have peace of mind as a parent. Our doctors work with the parents of their pediatric patients to develop a shared understanding of dental health concerns for children. These kids doctors are available as support systems to parents throughout childhood and can offer valuable advice about correcting negative dental habits in young children such as thumb-sucking. Our doctors at Shalom Dental NY Manhattan ensure that their patients will enter adulthood without dental or general health problems.

    When their patients lose these baby teeth, our kids doctors make sure that their new set of adult teeth grow in properly. If problems arise as these adult teeth continue to develop, whether these problems are health-related or cosmetic in nature, our doctors are available to monitor and advise their patients and refer them to the appropriate orthodontic specialists as necessary to ensure that all of their patients are healthy, happy, and confident.

    Our doctors provide the same support to parents of older children that they provide to parents of younger children. It is incredibly difficult to make dental decisions about expensive cosmetic options such as braces and retainers, and our pediatric dentists are experts at assisting the parents of their younger patients through the maze of orthodontic options.

    Importantly, our doctors are more than just well-trained dental professionals — they are compassionate human beings who want to create meaningful relationships with all of their parents. By establishing a human connection and a friendly relationship with all of their young patients, all of our pediatric dentists make it more likely that the kids who walk in and out of the doors of Shalom Dental NY Manhattan will leave with both a smile and also good dental habits.


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