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    Teeth Whitening And Dental Implants Dentist On The Upper West Side

     When it comes to procedures related to cosmetics and aesthetics, perhaps the field of cosmetic dentistry has among the most number of patients, next to cosmetic surgeries. It may seem a little shallow at times but one cannot help but try to do anything and everything in order to improve their current physical appearance. It cannot be denied, after all, how much positive impact feeling good about one’s physical attributes could bring to their lives.

    Among the biggest worries people have on their faces alone is having stained, discolored teeth. The face is the most visible part of a person’s body and a perfect set of pearly whites are often the first ones to greet new friends, acquaintances and colleagues as well as business clients. Because of the great impact it can bring to one’s personal and professional life, it is not surprising why teeth whitening procedures have always been so popular among many people. Make sure to speak with your teeth whitening dentist on the upper west side.

    Teeth whitening, according to the FDA, is the process in which the teeth is restored to its natural color – a big difference to teeth bleaching which refers to the process of whitening the teeth beyond its natural color. Whichever term is used, though, one thing is for sure: anyone would grab every opportunity through specially formulated toothpastes, gels, strips and pens, to be able to flash the whitest set of sparkling teeth. Teeth whitening – or dental bleaching –, at its easiest form, may simply involve the application of hydrogen peroxide into the teeth. Doing this should result to pearly whites in a few days. Teeth whitening dentist on the upper west side have many different techniques on making sure people have white teeth for many years to come.

    It must be noted though that too much teeth whitening, like anything done in excess, is bad for one’s health. According to the experts, a slightly yellowish tooth would indicate that it is at its healthiest and strongest, so stripping them off of its protective cover may result to more sensitive teeth. Thus, even if teeth whitening procedures are quite simple, it would always be best to consult a dental health professional first just to be on the safe side. Teeth whitening dentist on the upper west side can guide you and give you just enough treatment so that you have a lasting smile.

    Advanced Dental Cosmetic Procedures

    Unfortunately for some, not all dental problems are as simple as stained teeth caused by the consumption of coffee, tea or cola or the use of tobacco or cigarettes. Decayed teeth are also big problems as well as losing them due to various reasons. Lucky for them, technology has been on their side and various solutions to such problems have come up – one such would be getting dental implants.

    Dental implants would involve the placement of a strong foundation to replace the root of the teeth, so that it becomes possible to put in a permanent or a removable replacement tooth that matches one’s natural teeth. The root device of dental implants is often made of titanium and is implanted on the bone of the jaw to make them strong. The implants may support tooth crowns, bridges or dentures.

    Why would one want to get dental implants instead of just leaving one’s jaw missing one tooth? Improving the physical appearance is often a key factor, especially if the missing tooth is located somewhere visible when a smile is flashed. Other reasons may also be to improve one’s speech, comfort or for easier eating. There may also be times that dental implants could help improve the state of one’s oral health.

    Anyone who has a good state of oral health and fit enough to undergo oral surgery or even a simple extraction can get dental implants. However, to maximize the benefits that it brings about, a patient who undergoes such dental cosmetic procedure must be committed to maintaining healthy gums and visiting the dentist regularly, to ensure that the jaw of the bone stays strong to hold the dental implants in place.

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